Commercial Test Kitchen

Syracuse Community Test Kitchen

The Syracuse Commercial Test Kitchen helps entrepreneurs create new products that are profitable. Located within the South Side Innovation Center, the Commercial Test Kitchen supports new and existing food entrepreneurs with training and guidance to commercialize their original home recipes.

We offer training in the following areas of commercialization:

  • Recipe development (formulating scratch recipes into full scale-up production formulas)
  • Marketing and market research
  • Sales
  • Distribution
  • Business plans/planning/development
  • FDA requirements

Advanced business training programs and culinary product improvement sessions will also be available to existing small business food entrepreneurs in need of growing their business to the next level of profitability.

Using the Kitchen

The Commercial Test Kitchen can be rented for use on a daily, weekly or monthly basis and operates between the hours of 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday through Friday (you may request a time slot outside of our regular hours, but it must be approved ahead of time). The following are some details to know ahead of time if you’re planning to rent our space.



In order to begin utilizing the Test Kitchen, clients must meet with the Resident Chef for an orientation. This will provide you with information on scheduling work times, cleanliness expectations, proper use of equipment needed, sanitary requirements, storage procedures and any other pertinent information on Test Kitchen policies or procedures specific to the client’s needs.



In order to utilize the Test Kitchen resources, clients must provide the following which will need to be copied and kept on file at the South Side Innovation Center:

  • Proof of Insurance Certificate
  • Proof of Business Entity Each client is responsible for leaving the kitchen as it was when they began using it.

All dishes must be washed, dried and put away. All surfaces must be wiped clean. All equipment must be turned off before leaving. Floors must me swept and mopped if needed. A Test Kitchen Check-Out List is provided and must me signed after each period of usage. No more than one business/client can work in the kitchen at the same time with a maximum number of four people in the kitchen.



The Commercial Test Kitchen Usage Fee is to be paid to the Center Director or Administrative Assistant prior to beginning the client’s scheduled usage time. The fee can be paid in the form of cash or check payable to South Side Innovation Center. A receipt will be provided after each use.

Per Hour Usage Fee for SSIC Clients: $25.00

Per Hour Usage Fee for Non-SSIC Clients: $50.00

Test Kitchen Memberships: $150.00: This allows members to use the test kitchen up to 20 hours per month. Members will also have access to our laptop lounge from 9 a.m. to – 6 p.m. Monday through Friday.

If a client needs to store refrigerated or frozen food overnight, an additional fee of $75.00 will be added to the Usage Fee. Items stored overnight are stored at the risk of the client. This must be paid at the time of usage. The client must use their own storage containers that are labeled with their name and the date. Items left for more than 1 week will be discarded.



For Health & Safety precautions, we encourage clients to use disposable gloves, hair nets, and aprons. These are provided in the kitchen and are included in your usage fee charge.

Success Stories

The Syracuse Commercial Test Kitchen is home to many food entrepreneurs. The following highlights some of our current clients.


From our kitchen to your kitchen, Rella’s Originals Italian Marinara Sauce, Spice Riggie Sauce & our Sor Diavolo is always made in New York State, using our family recipe. Our sauces are all natural and gluten free and our Sor Diavolo is meat free, gluten free and Dairy free. Rella’s Originals serves with pride to satisfy our customers with our Delicious Robust Taste that will keep you coming back for more!


When you want the definitive chocolate cake, a vibrant red velvet, or an oatmeal/raisin cookie that’s more about oatmeal and raisins than margarine–that’s Dana Bakes! All my recipes are my own. Of course, we’re all inspired by things that behoove us, but I’ve never followed a recipe word for word. If not a better way, there’s at least my way.